Notebook: The Personal AI Advocate and Big Opportunity from Tension

What if in the future we have Personal AI Advocates that worked to combat other AIs, like an ad blocker for AI marketing.

Marketing companies in all industries are leveraging intelligent automation and artificial intelligence concepts for targeted communication.

What this means is that marketing AIs have patterns, habits, and data on people, which those people don’t have access to. So people are hit with marketing that is harder to resist, timed around their income patterns and purchasing habits.

Imagine If
• We had a personal AI advocate that could highlight our behavior patterns, giving us a greater awareness of our habits.

• We could tell an AI system what our stated goals were so that it could help combat other marketing if it’s not inline with our desires.

• We had an AI where we got to be the key stakeholder.

If marketing AIs become the new email or push notification experience… (Ugh, that sounds terrible), then even great experiences could fail because of the ecosystem they operate in.

A problem arises when hundreds of companies are all trying to “time and target” a trustworthy communication with a single person via the same channels (email, push, ads and screens), without awareness of each other.

As Dunbar’s number suggests, we can only have 100 to 250 friends at a time, as new AIs start taking up this space the challenge of limited attention emerges, because there are too many communications happening.

At which point people get the feeling that maybe all their robot friends don’t care about them and they all want to do is sell something.

Because there will be misalignments between users and company AI goals, I think there will be an opportunity in the Personal AI Advocate space.

Creative Leaders and CEOs of the future can craft more empowering human experiences by seeing the tensions created when business goals and user goals are misaligned and by looking at the pressure that other systems adds to a users headspace.

Sidenote: If a Personal AI Advocate already exists let me know where I can find it!